A creative, multidisciplinary and environmentaly responsible design approach.

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Landscape architect | Designer

He has a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from the University of Montreal and a Diploma in Landscape Design from Fanshawe College and is a full member of the Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ) and the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA).

Landscape architectural projects designed by Denis Massie, AAPQ / OALA respects the latest sustainable development and eco-responsible principals while featuring aesthetic and functional designs. Aesthetic considerations include, amongst others, the degree of harmony between the landscape and built forms, site antecedent and history, the visual quality of a landscape, the integration of public art where appropriate.

Functional factors such as the efficient layout of a given space, site grading and drainage, universal accessibility, pedestrian and bicycle circulation, user safety, amongst others, are elements that are carefully assessed in the preparation of a landscape plan.

Denis Massie succeeded through the years to have repeated clients by offering efficient and highly professional services based on a creative and multidisciplinary design approach.


Professional Services

We also offer residential design services.

As a professional landscape architectural consultant in landscape architecture and design, Denis Massie, AAPQ / OALA participate in multi-disciplinary project teams or as project manager in supplying the following services:

Research and site analysis

Various studies, site investigations and analysis to determine design opportunities in the context of development or conservation projects, including:

  • research and resource assessments, identification of problems and issues, gathering data and drawing conclusions,
  • feasibility studies for landscape development projects,
  • visual impact and site analysis studies,
  • preparation of related recommendations regarding the landscape,
  • assessment reports and cost estimates,

Conceptualization and design

The undertaking of concept designs including design alternatives and the elaboration of final landscape development concept plans illustrated by means of sketches, schematic diagrams and perspective drawings, including:

  • statement of planning principles and design criterions,
  • development of improvement or rehabilitation programs (user needs and equipment),
  • quantitative estimates,
  • overall site development masterplans,
  • detailed designs and preliminary construction details,
  • scaled models and presentation drawings.

Contract documents

Professional services consisting in the preparation of computer aided working drawings and specifications for construction purposes, including the following documents:

  • layout, site drainage and grading plans,
  • planting plans including detailed plant list,
  • landscape development construction details and contract documents,
  • technical specifications for construction purposes,
  • detailed cost estimates of landscape development works.

Construction supervision and project management

Spectrum of projects

The scale of the projects undertaken varies from small urban spaces to a network of integrated open public and private lands located in either remote natural environments, rural or urban areas.  These projects pertain to various categories, ranging from resource conservation, sustainable development, restoration, rehabilitation and creation of new landscapes.

Based on the findings of a thorough analysis of the environment, user needs and resulting potentials and constraints of a given site, various scenarios of interventions, development plans and design alternatives are formulated for projects in the following categories:

Private residences and garden designs

Urban Design

Parks and Recreation

Community and High Density Housing

Public art – environmental art


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Denis Massie, b. a. p., AAPQ / OALA
Landscape architect | Designer
350, boulevard Riel
Gatineau, QC J8Z 1B2
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